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Specific Deliverables:

  • Site and Project Overview
  • Demolition Plan
  • 1/4"Scaled Interior Floor Plan
  • Interior Finish Plans and Finish Schedule
  • Reflected Ceiling/ Lighting Plan
  • Interior and Exterior Wall Elevations
  • Detail Drawings for Custom Cabinetry and Fixtures
  • Furniture and Equipment Specifications
  • Door, Window, and Equipment Schedules
  • Interior and Exterior Renderings (If desired)
  • Interior and Exterior Finish Samples
  • Equipment Plumbing (roughs)
  • Equipment Electrical (roughs)
  • Consultant Supervision
  • Working Documents for Construction
  • Health, Planning, Building, and Fire Department Submittal


Restaurant Design

Foodservice Design Layout

Foodservice Project Consulting

Restaurant Concept-Branding Development





Restaurant Design and Layout

Restaurant Design Foodservice Design Layout Foodservice Project Consulting Restaurant Concept-Branding Development Lighting Design Instructing


Food Service Equipment Layout and Schedules

Project Consulting

    Hospitality Design Services

    With passion for the complete branding experience, we blend your menu with the restaurant design interior to create an optimal hospitality experience.

    Our goal is to create hospitality designs that always ensure maximum customer comfort, while maintaining an atmosphere that is sure to attract repeat customers. Our goal for all projects is that they are designed and executed sustainably from concept to finish on time and on budget.

    Site Consulting

    Need assurance that the location you are contemplating can fulfill all your foodservice needs? Confused about a demolition plan before construction can begin? Look no further than the experts at Susan McDonnell & Associates. For over thirty years our professionals have been working in the field constructing demolition plans, timelines, and giving expert testimony on matters pertaining to pre-existing site conditions.

    Code Compliance

    In today's building environment, even projects that are a simple re-model must be compliant to the most recent building, environmental, plumbing and accessibility codes. If code compliance is not met, potential lawsuits or hefty fines could result.

    Here at Susan McDonnell & Associates, we prepare for our clients detailed reports pertaining to any code regulations that are not currently met. For an exact list of what such a report may include, please see our detailed list of available documentation and services.

    Past clients who have benefited from our project consulting include: "Palacio Restaurant" Los Gatos, "Pine Mountain Lake" Pine Mountain, "La Urbana" San Francisco, "Liquid Bread & Spread Deli and Bottle Shop" Campbell, and "Lillian's Italian Kitchen" Santa Cruz.

Food Service Concept Consultations



Smart Lighting Design

Current Courses:

    Susan McDonnell instructs a Food Service Facility Design course in the Hospitality Management Department at Mission College. The Hospitality Management Department gives students the opportunity to learn hands-on techniques for the exciting food service industry.

    For more information about this course and other courses taught by Susan, please visit the Mission College Hospitality website.